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Mental health workshops are a core part of my service. I have offered training events  to corporate workplaces, schools, community groups, police officers, and many more. We all experience mental health difficulties at some stage in our lives, either ourselves or via people we are close to. This is why I am so passionate about sharing my expertise outside of just 1:1 therapy; it affects us all in some way.

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Training & workshops

What is self-compassion, and why is it so important?

We regularly hear people talk about the importance of being kind to yourself, but often it's not that easy! This workshop really explores the science behind being kind to ourselves, why we, as humans, can find it so hard, and some practice tips on how we can do this [spoiler: It's not all bubble baths and candles].

Practical tips for a good nights sleep

We all know how important sleep is. And, we've all been there counting down "if I get to sleep now I'll get .... hours" (cue another 3 hours staring at a wall). This workshop focuses on practice tips for getting a good night sleep (beyond the 'have a good routine) & a focus on why, scientifically, these strategies are so useful. 

Face your fears: Learn how to manage anxiety

Anxiety and fear can really affect our brain, and our ability to think in the moment. They are also a normal part of every day life. This workshop explores the science behind anxiety, and practical techniques that we can use to stop the anxiety cycle from getting in the way of doing what we want (or need) to do!

Planning for when things get shit

Sometimes, we struggle with our mental health. Life can be really hard, and it takes it toll. Some of us struggle more than others. Having a plan in place can be a key part of feeling like we still have some control, even in our darkest days. It can also help to tell people around us what we need. 

How to start conversations about mental health

I love how much mental health awareness has increased over the past few years. & I love how campaigns such as time to talk have really opened this space. But these conversations are new. They can be clumsy, and sometimes the worry of saying something wrong means that we don't say anything at all. This is a practical workshop that focuses on how to have difficult conversations. 

Understanding why people self-harm.

Self-harm is a really difficult thing for people to understand, if they haven't done it themselves. It can be especially difficult if someone you love is self-harming and you want to help them, but don't know how. This workshop is focused on understanding what self-harm is, and how to best support someone through this time.

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