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Team Consultation 

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Dr Leanne offers ad-hoc and regular Psychological Team Consultation for teams who work with complexity, risk, and people with mental health difficulties. This includes: 

  • Community Mental Health Teams

  • Crisis services 

  • Police, Fire and Ambulance services 

  • Prison and Probation  

  • Residential Care Services

  • Nursing

  • Teachers / Special Educational Needs services

Our regular team consultation is essential to our practice. We discuss cases, wider practice issues and concerns within the team in a structured, reflective and supportive environment

Staff wellbeing & retention

Psychological consultation promotes reflective practice and team supervision, to support staff wellbeing and retention in difficult roles. Space to come together and support one another is invaluable, and often overlooked, when workloads are heavy. A focus on how to support ourselves and others is therefore a core element of psychological consultation spaces. 

Psychological Formulation

Receive expert guidance to develop a psychological formulation of complex presentation, risk, or cases that you feel stuck with. Allowing time to consider the multiple factors which can influence a persons life, and relationship with services, can support us to think differently when working with people towards positive changes.

Skill development & CPD

Evidence-based psychological interventions don't always have to involve complex therapy treatments. In fact, when there is lots of complexity it is ofter the continued support of staff teams that can offer the most effective intervention. Dr Leanne shares a wealth of psychological tools that can support people in-the-moment.  

Trauma informed care

We often work with people who have experienced multiple traumas across their lives, and it is paramount that services do not add to this. Using psychological formulation to understand the people we work with, and reflective practice skills to explore our own services, consultation spaces can be a good place to ensure that we prioritise trauma-informed care.

Get in Touch

Please get in contact to discuss psychologicla consultation, training and workshop options, including bespoke packages. 

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