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Bringing psychology & mental health expertise out of the hospital setting & into our day-to-day lives

Workshops & training

What helps

Practical advice that you can act on today. I break down psychological, evidence-base research into practices that anyone can try, to suport your mental health right now.

Why it helps

Most importantly, I explain the science behind why these skills can be effective. Understanding why can make it so much easier to understand ourselves, and others, and how we can support each other.


I'm Leanne

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years experience working in mental health, and I am on a mission to share clinical, scientific knowledge in real life settings. You shouldn't have to wait until things are unbearable before you can learn how to help your brain!

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I love hearing from you. Whether it’s a request for a specific training, feedback, or something else. Please let me know, I am always trying to do better.


I just ask that, whatever you say, you say it with kindness. Thank you!

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